Friday, July 22, 2016

First Post

Good Afternoon All!

Welcome to my first post! I am very excited to share my work, ideas, and thoughts with all of you! Here's to this blog booming in the years to come!

For now, weekly I'll post chapters from a novella that's free for all my readers! The title is, "The Red Poncho". It is a fantasy coming-of-age following the life of an assistant inn-keeper as she attempts to keep her inn -- and her sanity -- afloat while a war rages on in the wintry countryside.

I thank you all for checking out my blog and hope you look forward to reading this free novella, "The Red Poncho", in the weeks to come.

All the best,

P.S. Check out my coming-of-age fantasy novel, the first book in the World of Sorrel series, Heartfelt Sounds.

Also, check out my new cyberpunk serial, Afterlife, Opus 1 is currently out with six more episodes to go!


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